Seehafer News Feature

I was featured in a news article and interviewed for a radio show last week by Seehafer News. Below is an excerpt from the article:

Sherry Dewane

“Sherry still sees herself as a ‘Wisconsin girl’.”

— Seehafer News

“A woman living in Las Angeles California remains amazed and enthralled by the Maribel Caves here in Manitowoc County.

Sherry Dewane was born at Holy Family Memorial in Manitowoc and lived in the Clipper City for a short while, before moving to English Lake, which is about 8 miles southwest of Manitowoc.

Dewane’s love affair with the historic cave system began with a simple family trip when she was around 5 or 6 years old.

“My family used to take drives in the country after church on Sundays, and we went, on some Sunday, out to the Maribel Caves,” she told “I remember seeing the Hotel, now this was quite some time ago, so it was still fully standing. I don’t know if it was operational at that point in time or not, and I just thought it was magical. The Devil’s River is right there, the  water on the rocks, the green leaves…it was just so pretty.”

Sherry’s family moved out of Wisconsin when she was 11 years old, and after living in Phoenix for the majority of her life, Sherry made her way through Montana, before settling in LA, however, Sherry still sees herself as a “Wisconsin girl”.”

You can read the full article here: Seehafer News