Sherry Dewane

Sherry Dewane is very much an Angeleno, living in Los Angeles, but her roots are firmly planted in rural Wisconsin. Years living in Montana and travels throughout the American West shape her worldview.

Sherry’s imagination, love of the outdoors, Midwest work ethic and love of reading were nurtured on an iconic lake in the woods, where she enjoyed her early childhood.  She spent the first 11 years of her life on English Lake, in rural Wisconsin, exploring woods, fields and the lake, endlessly walking, swimming, ice skating, water-skiing and enjoying the seasons, reading and writing. 

She moved to Phoenix where her family owned and ran a lovely hotel, named appropriately, Stagecoach Inn. Her fascination with Arizona, led to a blog entitled

Her love of hiking, outdoors, reading and writing continued. She graduated from Scottsdale High School, and Arizona State University with honors. She spent six years in Montana, hiking, walking and enjoying a different kind of outdoor experience, but still a part of the West. 

From Montana, she made her way to Los Angeles, which she calls home. 

Sherry has served on numerous not for profit boards, focused on arts, culture and social support. Her service has included Friends of the Observatory (the support organization of Griffith Observatory), Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, TJ Martell Foundation, where she was honored as the inaugural Woman of Influence, Los Angeles. She served on both the Board of Trustees and National Advisory Council for Rocky Mountain College in Montana. Sherry has served on many other boards, and supported many causes over her career. 

Sherry continues to read, write, walk, hike and explore small towns wherever she resides or travels. She is currently working on an upcoming  book about The Maribel Caves Hotel, where her paternal grandmother was raised and which fascinates thousands of people around the US.